There are many reasons why we should choose certified organic cotton over conventional cotton, and the organic textile standard recognizes a garment as such when it contains at least 70% certified organic fibers.

In our case, we decided to use fabrics with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, since it goes one step further and requires that a fabric contain at least 95% organic fibers, and many other, not less important, conditioning factors. environmental type, quality, toxicity and social criteria.

For those who want to go deeper and know what GOTS is exactly, we leave you a link to the standard’s website:

A nice example of what it is to exceed the expectations of the GOTS standard can be seen on the website of one of our suppliers, and we invite you to visit, since they only work with 100% organic cotton and do not use any dye . Its fabrics are of the highest quality and a delight for your skin.

It is true that an organic cotton garment has a high price, but if we look closely behind the low price of a conventional cotton garment, we will see its true cost in the form of exploitation of human rights, excessive consumption of natural resources, contamination …

It is already known to all that fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet, and we must be aware of much more responsible consumption. Buy less and more quality to make your clothes last. And if you add to that respect for the environment better than better! Certified organic cotton is a wise choice in this regard.